List of Organized Sessions

Advanced Statistical Models for Risk Evaluation (Organizers: Silvia Osmetti and Silvia Facchinetti)

Computational Mathematics and Statistics in Risk Analysis (Organizer: Filomena Teodoro)

Exploring challenges in analyzing medical data across different study designs and settings (Organizer: Valeria Edefonti)

Extreme Value Analysis in Weather Events and the Environment (Organizer: Sneh Gulati)

High-frequency data in Economics and Finance (Organizer: Alessandra Amendola)

New perspective in Financial Risk Management (Organizer: Giovanni De Luca)

Modeling Risks of neoplasia: chance, environment and genes (Organizer: Marek Kimmel)

Recent advances in Systemic Risk Assessment (Organizers: Francesco Porro and Anna Maria Fiori)

Risk Analysis and Data Science (Organizer: Teresa Oliveira)

Risk Analysis in Public Health (Organizers: Rosaria Gesuita and Beatrice Gasperini)

Risk and opportunities in Financial Innovation (Organizer: Gianna Figà Talamanca)

Statistical and Data Science Developments for Risk Assessment in Urban Areas (Organizers: Rodolfo Metulini and Maurizio Carpita)

Statistical Approaches Towards Sustainability (Organizer : Maria do Rosário Ramos)

Statistical Distributions, Risk Analysis and Computational Issues (Organizers : Teresa Oliveira and Amílcar Oliveira)

Statistics in Modelling (Organizer: Milan Stehlik)

Statistical Modelling and Risk Analysis in Health Sciences (Organizers : Teresa Oliveira and Amílcar Oliveira)

Statistical Modeling and Inference (Organizer: Luis M. Grilo)

Statistical Robust Analysis and applications in variable selection, classification and insurance modelling (Organizer: Hongsheng Dai)

Topics in Financial Econometrics (Organizer: Vincenzo Candila)